Thanks for helping us to support Turn to Starboard

Turn to Starboard help serving and retired Armed Forces personnel, and their families, readjust after operational tours and assist them in meeting the unique demands placed on them by Service life.

The charity’s focus is on resettlement, reintegration and reinforcing a sense of value and belonging. They do this by using sail training and providing internationally recognised courses which in turn support their beneficiaries with excellent career building opportunities.

At DK Fulfilment, we’ve been supporting the charity since it’s early days and this year we are proud to launch our latest fundraising campaign – #placethemark

As well as raising money for this great cause, it’s also designed to be a bit of fun. Life size cardboard cut outs of “Mark” will be appearing online in a range of weird and wonderful locations.

You can follow “Mark’s” travels on Twitter under the hashtag #placethemark

Get your own “Mark”

If you are planning a trip to somewhere usual and would like to take Mark (a cardboard cut out, not the real Mark!) with you, email rbuxton@dkf.global and if we think your idea is crazy enough we’ll send you your very own “Mark“. He folds down into three, so shouldn’t take up too much room in your luggage.

All we ask is that you take a photo of “Mark” and yourself on location and post it on Twitter and your favourite social media with the #placethemark and encourage people to donate via: www.placethemark.com

Help us to help them, make ‘the right turn’. Turn to Starboard.

Mark Elward

Mark on Location