Warehouse Facilities

Warehouse facilities designed to fit.

Our modern warehousing facilities are strategically located in the heart of the UK and central Europe. So your products will be closer to your customer. This improves your delivery times and reduces your costs. We can set up our physical warehousing operation with any back office and IT requirements you need, delivering an individual service that fits your business.

Our central location and our expertise in UK and European distribution make DK Fulfilment an ideal partner for both UK based businesses and overseas operations looking to trade in the UK and Europe.

Storage options

We have a variety of storage options depending on the size and nature of your pro-duct. Choose from smaller bins to full pallet locations or semi secure areas. Our flexible premises can cater to all products big and small. We have stored everything from electric bikes to mobile phones, rugby clothing to cable ties.

Secure area for high value items

We have a secure area that is restricted to most employees and is covered fully by CCTV cameras.

Warehouse security

Our warehouse is equipped with security cameras, access badge entry, fire suppression, pest control, and 24/7 alarm monitoring. Our UK facility has a 24 hours manned security gate, whilst our facility in Germany runs 24 hour operation.

Warehousing facilities provide:

  • Flexible warehouse facilities with pallet, block stack and pick bin areas
  • Mezzanine fulfilment areas
  • Container destuffing/stuffing
  • Bulk storage and bulk despatch
  • Pick/Pack despatch
  • Reworking, repackaging , re-labelling and special labelling
  • QC and Pre-delivery inspection
  • Secure cages and carousels
  • Carrier integration
  • Stocktaking
  • Pallet supply
  • Returns handling
  • Worldwide distribution services
  • Full logistics support for non-residential importers
  • Cross docking
  • Reverse logistics

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