Flexible Fulfilment

Tricky problem?

Every fulfilment task is different. High volume, low volume, complex, simple.

One of the cornerstones of creating a flexible fulfilment system is to ensure you synchronise your on-line orders with your warehouse stock levels, thereby ensuring that your company has the inventory that it needs available to fill every channel.

With consumer tastes changing by the day, it’s hard to count on customer loyalty. Vice-versa demand for a product can suddenly spike because of a YouTube video, a Twitter post or viral Facebook campaign. Many companies don’t have the logistics infrastructure to handle these rapid shifts in demand, so a flexible system using a third-party fulfilment company like DK Fulfilment can add capacity to your existing supply chain when you need it.

Flexible fulfilment solutions from DK Fulfilment can:

  • Save you from having to carry the high fixed costs of additional warehouse space
  • Can also handle fulfilling orders, shipping product to stores and accepting returns of unsold stock, all without your company having to incur additional capital expenditures or having to add staff.

DK Fulfilment provides flexible fulfilment to a large range of companies. If you need additional capacity for fulfilling orders and for managing your supply chain, we have the expertise and the infrastructure to solve your company’s supply chain management problems.