International VAT and Tax Solutions


If your business is involved in cross-border business activity, then you need the help of experts to guide you through the complexities of tax matters.

VATGlobal is that capable partner for you, with ability to offer knowledge and expertise to companies with cross-border business activities in any jurisdiction with a VAT or similar tax regime. Furthermore, their Importer Of Record and customs compliance services alongside their global tax recovery business provides their clients access to a global network through one point of contact.

VATGlobal is the compliance and consulting division of the VAT IT Group (a global leader in outsourced international VAT and a tax solutions) and is responsible for managing multi-jurisdictional VAT and GST registrations, compliance and reporting. VATGlobal has the expertise and ability to assist on tax matters in all 28 European Union member states, as well as over 20 other jurisdictions around the world.

To find more, use the form oppposite or call:  USA: +1 347 321 6243 or UK: +44 20 3870 2733