Global Payments Specialists

OFX for Online Sellers - Global Payment Specialists

Global Payment Specialists

At OFX, we only do one thing. We facilitate your international marketplace selling by bringing home your revenue at a fraction of the cost of using your bank, a marketplace, or, other payment providers. We’re here to help online sellers meet their expansion and revenue goals.

Access global marketplaces where you can make a difference

We can help you minimise the risk associated with doing business on international online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay by minimising your foreign exchange costs. We also provide a variety of different tools to help you reduce, and proactively manage, your exposure to currency volatility. Our extensive international network means we’re right there with you as your overseas commerce business grow.

When you work with OFX for Online Sellers, you get:

  • Our consistently low margins (up to 75% less than transferring from your bank.)
  • Your own unique in-country collection account to receive marketplace proceeds.
  • Access to 24/7 customer service, because your business never sleeps and neither do we.

We invite you to call us +44 207 614 4195 directly or learn more at OFX.

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