What’s the secret ingredient to home based business success?

Found the perfect product to sell? Or maybe you want to sell your homemade produce to a wider market?With the sharp rise in internet shopping you have access to a vast marketplace but beware, selling your goods is only part of the process. Fulfilling your orders is just as important as finding a niche product, attracting customers and getting them to press the buy now button.

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An optimum order fulfilment process is a major reason for profitability and for the home based businesses, the best way to achieve this may be by outsourcing to an order fulfilment specialist company like DK Fulfilment.

Using a specialist may give you a competitive edge over similar home based businesses that fulfil their orders in-house. The main benefits of using a specialist order fulfilment service are:

Lower fixed costs – Warehouse storage for your inventory

Growing your business and meeting demand will involve increasing your inventory, which has to be stored until it’s sold to customers. Holding stock to offer a quick order turnaround is costly. The cost of storing your products can be prohibitive for the home based business where storage space is at a premium.

Order fulfilment companies will charge for storage space according to how much you use. This is a variable rather than fixed business cost, as you will not be charged if you are not storing any goods. If you use your own warehouse space this is a fixed cost of business, regardless of whether it is used or not.

Professional order fulfilment without the need to employ specialist staff

A seamless order fulfilment process will enhance the customers’ shopping experience and increase customer loyalty and positive reviews. This is only possible with experienced, well trained staff. Employing and training staff is expensive for small home based businesses. Using an order fulfilment company allows you to use their staff without incurring the employer and training costs.

State of the art technology without the heavy capital investment required

A professional order fulfilment process uses up to date technology, which is costly to install and only viable if used to its optimum. Specialist technology is a benefit of outsourcing your order fulfilment without incurring the capital cost.

Stock, dispatch and delivery notifications will be a by-product of the order fulfilment service and allow you to be in control, without individually managing each order’s fulfilment.

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