What’s stopping customers from buying your products?

Are slow page loading times stopping customers from buying your products?


According to new research by The Wee Agency, slow websites are the biggest turn-off for ecommerce customers, with 58% of people claiming it puts them off buying brands’ products. However, despite the fact that site speed is a critical component of online sales, it is still an after thought for many ecommerce businesses. But think of it this way, if your ecommerce website runs slowly, it technically defeats the purpose of shoppers being able to buy products quickly and conveniently online.

The research, which looked into the buying habits of two thousand British consumers, also questioned B2B customers, with 52% ranking a lack of information as something that would deter them from buying products. This highlights just how important it is to provide quality content on your website. If you can’t provide information and details about what you sell, how are customers supposed to trust your business?

By understanding what customers are looking for in an online shopping experience and delivering it, ecommerce business owners stand a greater chance at increasing sales and securing a competitive advantage.

But it’s not just your online efforts that matter. In order to provide a truly effective ecommerce shopping experience, your online and offline efforts need to be seamlessly integrated. Providing quick and efficient order fulfilment is equally as important as having a speedy website in terms of impressing customers and gaining their loyalty.

Whilst we can’t help you speed up your site or write better  content, we can help you achieve accurate and speedy order fulfilment. Contact us today for more info.

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