What’s been happening this summer in ecommerce?

Facebook reported one billion visitors to its site recently. For ecommerce, the potential market Facebook provides is infinite but so far there seems to be little large ecommerce development on the social media platform, despite its undoubted popularity with all age groups of potential shoppers.

Facebook has traditionally attracted small ecommerce (often hobby type) businesses or small home based craft businesses. The call to action button is a recent addition and includes a ‘shop now’ option. Paid promoted posts are popular on Facebook but do they sell your goods? It will be interesting to see what Facebook does next to encourage ecommerce.

ecommerce summer news

Amazon produced its first UK summer sales report, last month and suggested the Amazon Marketplace is the 21st embodiment of ‘Britain being a nation of shopkeepers’. Whilst small entrepreneurial concerns struggle on the high street, the internet supports the little business. Marketplaces like Amazon, give them access to millions of potential customers.

Other developments highlighted were Amazon web services, which provide on demand computer services and infrastructure to ecommerce businesses and significantly for order fulfilment, the development of Amazon Logistics, to deliver the products ordered, direct to the customer. Amazon has contracted with local and national couriers to deliver goods on Amazon’s behalf.

Amazon prides itself in putting the customer first. They are consumer centred and work backwards to see how they can improve operations and find new products to enhance the customers’ shopping experience.

Whatever the complexity and size of your ecommerce business, adopting Amazon’s obviously successful consumer orientated business model is worth considering. Make your customer the centre of your business, ensure your site, order fulfilment and after sales service makes shopping with your business pleasurable and memorable. In an increasingly competitive market, you cannot afford to ignore your customers’ needs and requirements, if you expect your ecommerce business to be profitable.

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