What does the ‘Google Buy Button’ mean for your eCommerce business?

Google is currently testing their new ‘buy button’ live on mobiles. This development is likely to bring Google closer to being a marketplace like Amazon and eBay rather than just a search engine.

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This new technology will allow customers to buy directly from their search results. Pressing the buy button on ‘Google Ads’ displayed from their search will direct customers to a Google hosted retail page and payment will be made using payment details already saved in the customer’s Google account, rather than visiting the company’s own website, or other search engines. Google is likely to make use of its ‘Google Wallet’ to facilitate this development. ‘Google Wallet’, is not currently available in the UK. It works in a similar way to the newly introduced ‘Apple Pay.’ Designed for mobile, it uses near field communication to pay for goods and services with a swipe of your mobile phone.

The ‘Google Buy Button’ will simplify the search and buying process for the customer but is likely to change the way retail works online. The significance of mobile apps in retailing will increase. Your product must display to its best advantage on your market place’s mobile app or you are likely to miss out on sales.

What this means for your ecommerce business – To be considered you need to sign up to Google’s shopping ads and make sure your business can accept Google payments. Do this and you should be considered for the ‘Purchase on Google’ tests. The motivation behind this move is to focus sales through mobile apps rather than ecommerce websites. Google are also working with marketplace leader eBay and others to insert a link on their ‘Google Ads’ to take customers to mobile apps rather than websites from the search link. Google is committed to driving retails traffic via mobile phones and tablets. Retailers need to make sure their product descriptions and images showcase well on this media to make the most of the sales opportunity.

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