Using video on your eCommerce website – ‘A picture says a thousand words’

According to a survey last year by reelseo, using video media on your ecommerce site can benefit sales and your ecommerce business’ reputation, far more than pages of detailed content. Video is the medium of choice across most social media sites and now it’s a vital part of ecommerce marketing too. The key benefits of using videos on your ecommerce site are:

• Customer engagement
• Customer loyalty and improved business reputation
• SEO benefits
• Increases in sales

Customer engagement
Most people find watching a video to find out if the product is what they want, far easier than reading a paragraph of content. Video show how products work and what they look like from all angles, with much greater clarity than a series of still photographs. 77% of people in the reelseo survey felt that companies who made videos were more engaged with them.

Customer loyalty and improved business reputation
Videos describe products, show how to use products, answer frequently asked questions and show behind the scenes footage of the product and its makers. This makes the consumers buying process more interactive. Social interaction when buying online is important for customers and in the survey 71% said companies with videos gave a positive impression to their customers.

SEO Benefits
If you want to be discovered first among the many other similar ecommerce stores on the internet you need to be aware of search engine optimization. Uploading your video to YouTube, which is the second largest search engine, will most likely improve your ranking on Google. This alone should make it worth the time and expense of making a video or a series of videos for your ecommerce site.

Increases in sales
96% of the people surveyed said watching a video helped them make an online purchase decision. Converting visits to your estore to sales is tricky, so anything that informs the process is a must do.

Videos don’t have to be produced professionally; amateur video taken on a smartphone or camera will make good interactive content with your customers. You could ask them to send in video reviews too. If you want a professional video, these can be purchased relatively inexpensively. Here’s DK Fulfilment’s video, see what you think…

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