Twitter Response Challenge: Which UK retailer came out on top?

If you utilise social media websites like Twitter as part of your online strategy, then you will know that they are not just for engaging with users and advertising your products, but for answering customer service queries too. In fact, for many consumers, Twitter is their preferred method of contact with brands, as they feel like they are more likely to get a quick and helpful response.

Multichannel management company, Veeqo decided to put this to the test by challenging some of the UK’s top retailers to see how their social media customer service ranked in comparison to their competitors.

During the experiment, Veeqo sent out three tweets to brands:

• Do you do free delivery?
• Do you stock X product in X store?
• What time are you open til today?

They then measured the brands’ response times, friendliness and helpfulness in order to rank the retailers against each other. See the infographic below for their findings!

Veeqo social media infographic

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B&Q, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s ranked highest for response times to the customer service queries on Twitter, with times of 9 minutes, 14 minutes and 20 minutes respectively. John Lewis came off the worst, failing to respond to one of the three tweets.

B&Q  are clearly on form with their customer service on Twitter, as the company was also found to be the most helpful; replying with questions to help them specify the problem and give a better answer. Morrison’s was found to be the most friendly social media company, out of those challenged, including plenty of smiley faces in their tweets and Marks and Spencer was found to be the most informative; providing links so the required information could be accessed quickly.

How does your social media customer service fair in comparison to these companies? With 53% of customers expecting companies to provide answers to questions on Twitter within an hour (73% if it’s a complaint), you need to be on the ball if you are going to impress them!

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