Solving your order fulfilment issues

Order fulfilment is a pivotal part of the supply chain process. Problems with order fulfilment will impact your customers’ shopping experience. So getting it right first time must be a strategic goal of every ecommerce business. Here are a few guidelines to ensure your order fulfilment is gold star.

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Only promise what you can deliver:
• Make sure that your order fulfilment process is flexible and robust enough to cope with high demand without compromising the quality and speed of goods’ delivery.

• Don’t make delivery date promises to your customers if you do not have the inventory or delivery services available to meet them. You may attract customers with unrealistic delivery schedules but failed or late deliveries will attract negative customer feedback.

• Don’t compromise on quality for speed. Poorly packaged items delivered fast will not endear you to your customers who have to return damaged or incomplete items.

• Don’t overcharge for delivery. Although next day delivery is important for customers, many do not want the delivery charge to equal or exceed the goods they are purchasing.

• Outsourcing your order fulfilment may be a solution but choose your order fulfilment partner wisely. Research and choose a professional company with the expertise, flexibility and technology to meet your needs

Keep in touch:
• Confirm the customer’s order as soon as possible.

• Customers’ should be aware if the delivery timescale or the availability of goods changes.

• Make sure you have a forum for customer feedback and respond to negative feedback quickly.

Returns policy:

• Have an easy to understand returns policy.

• Consider offering a money back guarantee if the customer changes their mind.

• Free returns are popular with customers.

Follow these simple guidelines to avoid order fulfilment issues and give your customers’ a positive shopping experience.

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