Social Shopping – What it means for ecommerce

Social media is a well established phenomenon in the digital world but as yet this ‘social’ element isn’t part of the online shopping experience. With  improvements in payment security and the development of the ‘marketplace’ setting by major online sellers, many see social shopping as the next major change in ecommerce.

social shopping

‘Great but how will that help my business?’ is likely to be the comment from many small e-tailers. Major digital marketing advances such as the marketplace model have favoured large e-tailers. 2015 could be the time for change. Read on for a few thoughts on how it might open up a world of selling opportunities for you.

Low cost websites are one of the ecommerce platform changes that have benefitted the small e-tailer. Most sellers have a blog attached to their website to share product news, industry ideas and trends. A blog personalises their business and facilitates interaction with their existing and potential customers. Small e-tailers working together could network their businesses like a social network and enjoy economies of scale.

Blogging is the model for this digital marketing change. Individual blogs hosted by one company provide a personal interactive experience. Networked with other blogs they share central resources for their software, social media contacts and publicity.

Using this cooperative model for ecommerce, your company’s e-shop would retain its branding and individuality but would share ‘basket’ and ‘ secure payment’ facilities with a much wider group of e-tailers. This significant digital marketing change necessitates a shared vision and collaboration between individual e-tailers in areas common to all businesses like secure payments and order fulfilment. Individuals need the entrepreneurial spirit to reach out through social networking and connect with other businesses and create an interactive marketplace. Working with suppliers and distributors in the same way could provide a bespoke, seamless service for your customers.

This cooperative selling model provides an interactive, social shopping experience for your customers whilst increasing your market presence.

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