Same Day Delivery Services

Chances are if your ecommerce business is small, providing a same day delivery service for your customers is not an immediate consideration. Most customers seem happy with next day delivery services but are they really? A recent survey by Metapack found that 76% of customers surveyed would use a same day delivery service if available, suggesting this may be expected by the majority of consumers, for certain items.

royal mail

Royal Mail launched an online bookable same day delivery services for most postal codes in the UK. The service was previously only bookable by phone.

Same day delivery has three options:

• On Demand-: For urgent deliveries 24/7
• Scheduled-: For regular daily or weekly deliveries
• Multi- Point -: Pick-up and delivery points

These services aren’t cheap but they do provide a reliable service (99.9%) for customers who need their goods the same day, they order, who don’t want to use click and collect services.
Although prima facie expensive, the cost of losing customers and the opportunity cost of delivering the goods personally must be considered by sellers, when deciding whether to offer same day services. Offering a same day service will attract more customers.

So in brief, the pros of a same day delivery service are flexibility, meeting or exceeding customer expectations, rectifying shipping errors and being able to deliver time sensitive or perishable products. The main con is the cost of using a same day delivery service.

The ‘On Demand’ service is the most obvious use of a same day delivery service but scheduled services are also offered. The multi-point pick-up and delivery options are appealing for businesses that have goods on multiple sites that need to be delivered to more than one customer. Presumably using this delivery method will be more cost effective than booking individual same day services with separate pick-up and delivery points.

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