A revolution in ecommerce shipping for Amazon and what it means for other e-tailers

According to various news sources, Amazon is planning an ecommerce shipping revolution. As of recently, the ecommerce giant has been rapidly setting up new fulfilment centres and even delivering some of its orders directly to customers. It is thought to be these initiatives that are hinting at possible new changes and a ‘revolution in ecommerce shipping’ for the company.


Something Amazon has been increasingly focused on is improving its ability to deliver orders quickly to customers. One of its weaknesses has been its dependency on other carriers, but it is believed that Amazon may soon be offering it’s own carrier services. This would allow the company to offer an even better customer service, with options like free delivery and even same day delivery. Having its own delivery services would also give it much greater control over its order fulfilment during busy sales periods like Christmas.

Whilst this is great news for Amazon, it is worth considering the impact that this will have on small to medium sized e-tailers. If Amazon are stepping up their order fulfilment processes and offering better delivery services, it would suggest that other e-tailers will need to improve their delivery speed and reliability too, in order to remain competitive.

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Amazon has always been a big game changer in the world of ecommerce. For example, when it’s marketplace was introduced it had a huge impact on the industry, with many small and mid-sized businesses choosing to sell on it instead of or as well as on their own ecommerce site. Another big change came when Amazon introduced free shipping. This raised ecommerce customers’ expectations and led other e-tailers to offer free shipping too so they could remain competitive.

It is thought that Amazon’s fulfilment and delivery innovations will follow this pattern and lead to a revolution for ecommerce shipping.

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