Are you prepared for the Christmas rush?

In 2013 the number of online transactions at Christmas grew by almost 20% and it’s unlikely to slow down any time soon. Whilst improved online sales are great news for businesses, they can only truly benefit if they are fully prepared to handle the higher volume of orders over the festive period. Christmas is only a couple of months away, so we thought we’d help you prepare by sharing some of our festive order fulfilment ideas.


Introduce Click and Collect

One option retailers have is to turn their brick and mortar stores into mini distribution centres. This will enable customers to order  products online and collect them from their local store the same day. Offering Click and Collect can increase customer satisfaction, as it allows them to get their orders the same day and avoid lengthy in-store queues.

Shipping to your stores instead of customers’ home addresses will also shorten the average distance travelled by orders and help to prevent delays that can occur as a result of poor weather and Christmas traffic.

Another benefit of using Click and Collect is that it allows retailers to fulfil orders up to the very last minute, giving them a significant competitive advantage.

Train your staff and invest in technology

If you are thinking of introducing Click and Collect into your stores, you need to make sure that your staff undergo the necessary training to carry out in-store order fulfilment. It is essential that they know how to monitor stock levels and pick orders efficiently. They will also need to be supplied with the necessary technology to carry out effective order fulfilment e.g. RF scanners. It is important to identify the time of day your stores are least busy, as this will be when the majority of online orders can be picked.

Outsource order fulfilment to the experts

The alternative option to introducing in-store order fulfilment is to outsource your order fulfilment to experts like DK Fulfilment in time for Christmas. We can help you improve the efficiency of your order fulfilment, whilst keeping your costs to a minimum over the festive period. Outsource your order fulfilment to us and we can take care of everything from picking and packing your orders to handling shipping and returns.

By outsourcing order fulfilment to us, you can get your business ready for the Christmas rush, without the costs associated with buying technology and employing more staff to run an in-store fulfilment operation.

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