Predictions for warehousing and order fulfilment in 2015

With just over two months of 2014 left, we thought we’d share some of the top predictions for warehousing and fulfilment in 2015.


1. Adoption of a hybrid fulfilment model

In 2015 it is predicted that more and more companies will adopt a hybrid order fulfilment model. Instead of fulfilling all orders from their distribution centres, many will begin carrying out in-store fulfilment too. This is where customers’ orders are processed within stores instead of at a warehouse. Benefits of this include allowing customers to buy products that are available in-store but out-of-stock in the warehouse and giving them quicker access to their orders.

Of course, in order for this to work, businesses will have to invest in order fulfilment technology for their stores and ensure their employees receive the necessary training so they can carry out the process efficiently.

2. Greater focus on product safety

The number of product recalls and product quality complaints is on the rise, not only in predictable sectors like food and fashion, but virtually every sector offering processed or assembled products. This is why it is believed there will be a greater focus on product safety in 2015. Companies will be under pressure to be more accountable for the quality of their products and responsible for tracking when and where they have been distributed.

In order for this to work effectively, businesses will be required to keep customer transaction information in a database that is readily accessible. This information will allow them to find out which of their customers may have purchased tainted goods so they can send out automated recall notifications and allow for a more seamless return / refund process.

3. Mobile technology will prevail in the warehouse

In 2015 it is predicted that more and more companies will use mobile technology like tablets and smartphones in their warehouses to help them carry out order fulfilment. One of the reasons being is that warehouse management system applications can now be accessed by these devices and can help businesses to run their warehouse operations more smoothly.

Mobile technology will also give businesses real-time access to their warehouses performance data and help warehouse staff to carry out better quality control and order accuracy checks during the fulfilment process.

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