How your mobile phone can pay for your petrol

Later this year, you will able to use your mobile phone to pay for your petrol, without leaving your vehicle. An extension of ‘pay at the pump’, it will operate via an app created for Android and iOS. The service will be available at Shell petrol stations using either a Shell Motorist App or the PayPal App. The process is likely to be as follows:

• Motorist opens app and identifies the petrol pump they want to use.
• The App authenticates the transaction.
• The motorist puts petrol in his car.
• The mobile receives an electronic receipt.
• The motorist drives away.

Shell cites two major benefits of the new service:

• Customers will receive the fast, secure service they want.
• Customers opting to pay at the petrol store will benefit from smaller queues.


This is also a UK first for PayPal who have created a secure way for motorists to pay for their petrol using their mobile phones. Putting petrol in your vehicle will be more time efficient as a result of this technology. Another advantage is using familiar technology to pay should improve the customer experience.

Using PayPal benefits business customers. It negates the need for individual cards. No delays for damaged, forgotten or lost cards. The real time charges will allow instant reconciliation of who is charging the card and for what, having potential audit possibilities without the need for additional systems.

The credibility of this services hinges on the security of the transactions and the quality of the apps to facilitate them. PayPal’s watchword is security, acting as the middle link between the customer and the retailer (particularly in ecommerce) has made it universally used. If this new venture proves reliable and delivers the secure payment service and time saving benefits both Shell and PayPal promise, it looks like a winning combination for the motorist.

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