Marketplace Glitches

It’s not Friday 13th but there have been a number of unexplained glitches in the eBay marketplace this week. Happily resolved, they still raise questions about the marketplaces robustness and if there is enough troubleshooting capacity to correct faults in a timely manner, when they are reported.


Although, the marketplace glitches directly affected buyers, it is likely sellers suffered loss of sales as a result. Buyers unable to buy from an eBay seller are more likely to log onto another marketplace site, like Amazon and buy from a seller there instead.

This week’s market glitches experiences are important to learn from. In order to do this, one needs to be aware of the potential problems and know what to look out for and who to contact to report and hopefully rectify the problem.

The main problems highlighted were:

• UK buyers blocked from buying from UK sellers (potential UK buyers received a message when they tried to put goods into their basket that the seller didn’t ship to their destination even though they were in the UK and shipped to all areas there.)
• Search facility unavailable for UK buyers (UK buyers were unable to search eBay)
• Sign in facility unavailable
• Promotional Coupons didn’t work for buyers.

These issues will have caused sellers a number of problems. Remember, if customers can’t search, they can’t find you. If they can’t sign in, they can’t buy from you and if coupons don’t work, customers may abandon their baskets rather than pay the full price.

Repeat custom may also be lost. Why return to shop in a marketplace where the shopping experience isn’t easy and satisfying?

PayPal is a popular secure payment method for online buyers. It too suffered glitches with its systems this week:

  • Emails to sellers about payments not received.
  • In some cases, money paid by buyers didn’t register in the seller’s account.

Early recognition and speedy resolution minimises unavoidable technical glitches affect on the customer experience.

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