How to manage your growing parcel traffic

Whilst providing your customers with an attractive and highly functional ecommerce website to browse is great, it’s not enough to ensure they have a positive experience with your company. Order fulfilment and shipping are crucial stages in the process and will have an effect on your ecommerce business’s reputation. Whilst you may currently be using a number of different delivery services to send out your parcels, it may actually be more cost effective and efficient to go with one provider and here we’ll explain why.

At the moment you are probably shipping out products locally, nationally and internationally using a number of different carriers. Some carriers may offer services geared towards local deliveries, whereas others may offer a more cost-effective service for international shipments so it makes sense to use both…or does it?

It’s time consuming

The problem with having to set up and manage multiple contracts with different carriers is that it can be extremely time consuming. The time you spend managing your carrier contracts could be used more productively to sell your products and grow your business.

It’s not cost effective

Although you may think it is more cost effective to outsource your ecommerce deliveries to different carriers, this may not actually be true. The problem with using different carriers is that you are unlikely to ever send out high enough volumes of parcels to qualify for discounted rates. The discounts you will be privy to by sending out all of your parcels for delivery with a single, mainstream carrier are likely to help you save more money than you think you are saving by using multiple delivery companies.

So what’s the solution?

One solution would be to cancel your contracts and start shipping out your ecommerce orders with a single carrier, however the better solution would be to work with a company like DK Fulfilment! By outsourcing order fulfilment to us, you can free up time (which would usually be spent organising deliveries) to spend on other core business tasks.

Not only that but because we ship out high volumes of orders on a daily basis, we benefit from fantastic discounts, which we will pass on to you, our customer!

If you are looking for a better way to manage your growing parcel traffic, get in touch with the team here at DK Fulfilment today.

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