Keeping Your Operation Squeaky Clean

Warehouse and logistics professionals can often get bogged down in the operational requirements of their role and the business, ignoring side details. These details include warehouse deep cleaning. Whilst seeming superficial, cleaning can actually have a huge impact on the operational and financial performance of your business – and ignoring warehouse hygiene can have severe consequences.

Over the course of this article, you’ll learn what the crucial aspects of keeping a warehouse clean are and how that can help you to keep your operation moving and keep your logistics operation cost effective.

Confined Spaces

Many large scale warehouse operations rely on maintenance via systems of spider-like tunnels that give access to certain spaces. The HSE defines these as confined spaces. Due to their out-of-the-way nature, it can be easy to forget these areas. However, it’s crucial for confined spaces and ventilation shafts to be subject to commercial building cleaning processes, as this will prevent buildups of dust, dirt, human or vermin waste. The result can be the prevention of areas that are unsafe for workers to enter and help stop events occurring down the line.

Fire Safety

Many businesses are acutely aware of fire safety and employ the proper regulations to avoid the worst. This extends to the protection of capital and avoidance of compliance fines as companies ensure they stick to rigorous HSE guidelines. However, no inspection can be thorough enough to pick on every detail and so warehouse cleaning is a necessary aspect of warehouse management to reduce fire risk. Industry experts have encouraged extensive warehouse cleaning to avoid potentially risky buildup of dirt and detritus. This can also help to deter vermin that can create  further hazards.


Finally, and perhaps more superficially, is the prospect of reputational damage. The benefits of having a well designed business facade are well established; so it follows that having a  business that externally and internally looks out-of-sorts can reduce the subconscious image that other businesses and partners have of your operation. This can ultimately trickle down and effect you at logistical level as partners are less enthusiastic about your business.

Industrial cleaning is essential to the effective business logistics because of the intrinsic values it brings – safety, security, health and safety and protection from regulatory penalties. Furthermore, the reputational damage a ‘dirty’ business can suffer is worth thinking about.

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