How to improve customer service with easy returns

One of the biggest mistakes an ecommerce business can make is having an unfair or complicated returns policy. Making it difficult for customers to access the information they require about your returns policy or making the process expensive and complicated will not make your customers keep their items, but instead aggravate them further and ensure they never shop with you ever again.

It is all well and good to offer a quick, cheap and efficient fulfilment and delivery service, but it’s important not to forget that handling returns well will also help to improve customers’ perception of your business.

Improve customer service with a good returns policy.

Improve customer service with a good returns policy.

Examples of a good returns policy

Here we have shared a few ‘best practice’ ideas to help you improve your returns policy and offer customers a better experience with your e-tail site.

Easy to access returns information – It is important that your returns policy is easy for your customers to find. They should be able to access it from your homepage with a single click of the mouse. Bury it deep and your customers will quickly become unsatisfied with your customer service.

Easy to read returns policy – Your returns policy should be free from jargon and easy to understand. Make it is a clear as possible for your customers so that together you can benefit from an efficient returns process.

Offer free / pre-paid returns – Something that really annoys customers is when they have to pay to return items through the post. Offer free or pre-paid returns and customers are more likely to order from you again.

Include returns labels and reusable packaging – Customers don’t want to have to spend time printing off returns labels and finding packaging to send items back in. Make sure you include return labels and reusable packaging so it is quick and easy for them to make a return.

Give them returns options – Some customers will prefer to post items back, whereas others will prefer to return them to a local store. Give your customers a number of return options to keep them happy.

Could you benefit from handling your returns more efficiently? We include managing returns as part of our order fulfilment service. Contact us today for more information.

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