Improve your customer experience by offering Sunday deliveries

Sunday shopping is big business and not just for the high street retailers – ecommerce businesses can also benefit. Sunday isn’t considered a business day for the majority of ecommerce businesses; most do not deliver on a Sunday, nor accept next day deliveries.

Are they missing a relatively easy way of improving customer satisfaction and being more competitive? Ecommerce market leader Amazon’s experience suggests the answer is a resounding yes. They have recently reported that their customer demand for Sunday deliveries has markedly increased. 2014 saw the number of Sunday deliveries increase fourfold.


Amazon are expanding their logistic platform to cope with the increasing demand for weekend and especially Sunday deliveries and are working with a network of national and local delivery companies to meet demand.

Increased consumer demand means that Sunday deliveries will be the norm rather than the exception. Businesses will be less competitive if they aren’t offering a Sunday delivery service at an optimum price.

What does this mean for the smaller ecommerce business? The cost of offering Sunday deliveries must be included in your business development plan but with the obvious benefits of increased competitiveness. As with all fulfilment needs, using a bespoke fulfilment company will ensure your deliveries are in safe hands without having to oversee each individual order. Check that the order fulfilment company offers Sunday deliveries at competitive prices before you commit your inventory to them.

Customers’ site having their goods delivered at a time and day convenient to them as a major factor when deciding where they buy their goods from. In an increasingly saturated market the need to stand out is paramount. Following the example of a market leader and offering Sunday deliveries sooner, rather than playing catch up when every business offers them, is highly recommended.

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