How important is customer service to your company’s success?

In the competitive world of ecommerce, the right price and the right products sometimes aren’t enough to make your business stand out among your competitors. A common mistake of ecommerce business is to forget who is most important in the race towards profitability; the customer is the most important variable in any profitable business equation.

A recent infographic released by suggests 76% of customers would be prepared to pay at least 5% more for your products if they received premium customer service; something that should make etailers sit-up and take notice.


Make positive changes to get the thumbs up from your customers.

What changes will give your business ‘gold standard’ customer service?

An informative website – Not surprisingly having an informative website is important to 90% of customers who always check online before making a purchase or contacting the business. For this you will need an FAQ page, clear selling policies (including any additional costs such as delivery charges) and simple instructions on how goods can be exchanged or returned.

A good returns policy – A clear and hassle free returns process is key to profitability. 95% of customers are likely to return to seller, when they have had a positive exchange or returns experience with that company. Make sure your exchange policy is visible and transparent and be up front about any costs the customer will incur. If certain goods can’t be exchanged unless faulty, make this clear at the point of sale.

Advice & reviews – Customer and expert reviews or access to ‘expert’ advice the consumer could expect in an in-store experience is also important for positive customer experience with 83% of customers. The more technical your products are the greater need there is for expert advice. You should also consider creating a blot to enhance customers’ shopping experience and make it more social.

Quick response times – Response times need to meet customers’ expectations. Answering email queries within 24 hours is a must. Fail to provide satisfactory response times and your customers will feel ignored and unwilling to buy your products.

It is worth remembering 89% of customers don’t revisit sites, where they have experienced poor customer service.

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