How a media kit can make your ecommerce business more visible

Visibility is a problem when trying to establish your ecommerce business on the Internet. Not only are there thousands, often millions, of other sites trying to do the same thing, but if you do not appear in searches you remain invisible to the buyer, regardless of the quality or competitive pricing of your products.

Getting noticed is made easier if you are featured in a magazine, influential website or publication. Creating a media kit can make this one step closer for your ecommerce site.


So what is a media kit?
• A media kit can be a page on your business website that tells bloggers, reporters and publishers about your business and brand.
• Typically it will contain photographs, logos and information, interested professionals can use to find out about your business and include in their content.
• Information should be accurate and professionally finished so that the media can use it in their articles easily and with confidence.
• Include contact information so that details can be verified easily.
• This is a tool to make publicising your business easier but you will still have to engage with your target press and publications and refer them to your media kit for more detailed information.
• Make your media kit easy to find on your website, a link at the footer of your website is recognisable by media professionals.

What do you include in your media kit?
• All about you and why you started your business.
• Business facts and figures e.g. start-up date, number of customer, and number of units sold.
• Location of business and where you make your products or provide your services.
• Other key players in your business, if any.
• Professional images and logos. These need to be large, high resolution and on a transparent background to allow maximum flexibility of use.
• Testimonials, excerpts of other blogs or article about your business.

Next steps…

Do your research – Find out where you want to be featured and make sure your media kit contains the elements these publications and websites require. Make contacts on social media and locally – networking is essential for media coverage. Your media kit will be the tool to use once you have their engagement.

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