eBay’s vision for ecommerce and what it might mean for you

eBay is one of the ecommerce giants that has been around for almost twenty years. A recent mission statement from eBay’s CEO stated they would ‘stay true to their roots and evolve fearlessly’ but what does this mean for you as an ecommerce trader?

ebay ecommerce vision

eBay’s complex marketplace comprises of an infinite variety of sellers. From large multinational companies, who employ an omnichannel selling strategy for their products, to the single seller, who sells only online, often works from a home office and outsources their order fulfilment to keep fixed costs low and benefit from optimal flexibility.

The eBay marketplace gives sellers, whatever their size, the chance to showcase and sell their goods to buyers, attracted by the variety and security of a large, established marketplace. It also allows smaller sellers to take advantage of the latest technology, for secure payment and mobile selling that they might otherwise lack the funds to invest in.

It is likely eBay will be moving forward with the adaptation and development of new technology for all members of its marketplace community.

Ebay’s focus on its core business will most likely cover the following areas:
• Developing and maintaining a vigorous and varied marketplace to attract and importantly keep buyers and sellers. They will continue to invest in ways to make the marketplace easier to find and reach out to new customers.
• Maintaining a lively marketplace with a constantly changing range of products available as well as providing popular products that buyers return for.
• Improving the selling and buying experience for marketplace users. The new apps for iPad and Apple Watch are recent examples of this.

An innovative, reliable and secure marketplace will benefit both buyers and sellers on eBay but will the reality equate to the vision? Only time will tell.

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