Do you meet your customers’ order fulfilment expectations?

A recent survey of online consumers has reinforced the importance of a comprehensive fulfilment process for ecommerce sales. Nearly half of people surveyed reported dissatisfaction with the delivery process. The main problems cited were late deliveries, non-deliveries and missed deliveries even though they were home to receive the goods. Free delivery and speed of delivery are less important than a convenient reliable delivery service. Many consumers indicated they would change to an alternative etailer if they received an unsatisfactory delivery service.

Recent focus by ecommerce giants is on free delivery and next day or same day delivery service. A convenient and reliable delivery service, enhances the consumer shopping experience, more than price and speed, is the feedback from the online consumers interviewed.

Consumers are unlikely to take time off work for deliveries they would prefer workplace delivery of small items. Click and collect services are becoming increasingly popular with consumers who want to order online but want to pick up their goods from a local store or delivery point. The increased use of these often free services has raised its own problems; queuing for goods or goods not being available at the click and collect point when required.

Etailers need to examine their order fulfilment process, particularly at the delivery stage to check they are offering the required levels of convenience and reliability desired by their customers. If your ecommerce business is small, using a bespoke order fulfilment service may give you the competitive edge.

An order fulfilment service, as offered by DK Fulfilment will provide your customers with the optimum delivery service and allow your business to compete with much larger ecommerce businesses, without the vast capital outlay that would normally be required.

Achieving convenient and reliable delivery services are the essential components for engaging customer loyalty in the competitive ecommerce world.

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