Create a good first impression on customers with great packaging

Product packaging is no longer just packaging. It’s a branding tool that requires extreme attention to detail, with most brands investing a significant amount of money in getting it perfect.


However, not all packaging receives the same attention. The packaging that products are shipped in often receives very little attention and is seen as more of a practical item, rather than something that will have an impact on a customer’s experience with a company. But the reality is, that the packaging your items are shipped in does have an impact on your customers, so whilst it needs to be practical and capable of keeping items safe, it also needs to be attractive.

Say for example a customer ordered a handbag from an online retailer and they packaged it up in a plastic apparel bag. Whilst this would do the job, it wouldn’t necessarily create the best first impression on the customer. A plastic bag would give the item a cheap feel and may suggest that the company didn’t really take pride in their appearance.

On the other hand, if the online retailer was to package the item in a recyclable cardboard box with their branding printed onto it, maybe with the addition of lightweight tissue paper and a ribbon inside, the customer would have a whole different impression of the brand.

A product that has been packaged up presentably is likely to be better received by a customer than a product that has been packaged up as inexpensively as possible. If you are looking for a way to improve your customers’ experience with your ecommerce brand and even lower the amount of returns you receive, we highly recommend looking into your shipping packaging.

As well as helping businesses to find the most cost effective fulfilment solutions for their orders, we also specialise in packaging design. We can help you find the best packaging for your orders and can source everything from bubble wrap and cartons to bespoke wrapping and gift boxes so you can make the best impression on your customers.

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