Christmas is coming…Snippets from the eCommerce world

Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November and the run up to Christmas after that, signify the most extensive shopping period of the year. Here’s a quick roundup of the issues and trends likely to affect and prevail this year.

Can the couriers meet the demand?

After last year’s delivery problems, the unprecedented sales on Black Friday and Cyber money and the shopping period up to Christmas, shoppers may be wondering what has been done to make things better this year.

Parcel courier firms like Parcel Hub are warning businesses to talk to their couriers before the busy selling period, to make sure they can meet any increases in sales this year.

Hermes announced their Christmas delivery money back guarantee to deliver parcels by Christmas Day if received by 23.59 21 December 2015. The Hermes guarantee shows they expect to meet the increased demand if the season.

The watchwords are planning, communication and guaranteed delivery.

Contactless payments for Androids

Barclaycard are introducing a modification to their banking app for Android in November, in time for the festive shopping season. The app will allow any near field communication (NFC) enabled android phone to shop using contactless technology. Touch and go payments up to £30 will be available via the app. Higher value payments up to £100 will also be possible by entering your pin on the android device. Activated via the Barclaycard app, on a one time basis, this will be a quick payment method using your android mobile.

Buying across borders

The Internet gives shoppers the opportunity to buy further afield than their local market. A recent survey reveals the biggest turn offs for international shoppers are:
• Poor delivery dates
• Inadequate listings, images and product descriptions
• Inability to purchase using their desired currency option
• Worries over returning goods.


Addressing these concerns will open up an even wider buying public to your eCommerce store.

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