Britain’s Nation of Online Shopkeepers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over for this year. It seems the focus of shoppers at this time is not on bricks and mortar shops but online. Whilst the larger stores geared up for the shopping weekend, the spotlight on online buying during this period should also have benefited the smaller online e-stores.

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With the rise of multinational owned stores, Britain’s affectionate nickname as a nation of shopkeepers faded into the past. The increased importance of ecommerce in Britain has made it easier for small online businesses to compete with the multinationals. Now, Britain is a nation of online shopkeepers.

The first week in December focused on small business success. ‘Not on the High Street’ launched a week of promotional events concentrating on how small businesses contribute the economy and why they should be supported both by government and the public. ‘Not on the High Street’ works with over 5,000 creative businesses and offer customers something a little different from the homogeneous goods offered by high street stores.

Small businesses are major employers and are helping to train and innovate. E commerce is the perfect platform for small business sellers, with it’s access to global markets and low overheads in terms of bricks and mortar premises. Using order fulfilment companies such as DK Fulfilment further enhances the reach of smaller companies, allowing them to provide competitive fulfilment services for their customers and compete with the larger multinationals.

DK Fulfilment’s services are specifically geared to helping ecommerce businesses. Our team provides a complete support service for our growing ecommerce customer base. We have the facility to track all orders and sort out problems for customers, minimising negative feedback which is so damaging to sellers online.

Learn more about how DK Fulfilment supports Britain’s nation of online shoppers by calling us on +44 (0)2476 581901.

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