Boost your ecommerce sales by offering a personalised shopping experience

Are you missing out on valuable revenue by failing to personalise your customers’ shopping experience in your ecommerce store? A recent survey found over half the customers surveyed would be more likely to buy from stores with tailored advertisements and deals. The same survey found over a quarter of consumers interviewed had never received this type of personal offer.


Using location based advertising and offers helps to personalise the shopping experience. Amazon Local is the consumer giant’s version of this. Customers complete a profile and subscribe to the local email newsletter, which is sent to their inbox on a regular basis. The email contains offers, deals and products from a specific location. There is also an app for this service.

The use of technology to personalise the consumer experience is set to increase. Ecommerce businesses that develop and promote apps, which are location based, are seeing an increase in their sales.

Local research into your customers buying habits is a proactive way of personalising their shopping experience. Sales analysis of specific customer’s purchases can be used to generate personally tailored offers and deals on these products. The major supermarkets use this technique to offer their customers money off vouchers, buy one get one free and 3 for 2 offers on tailored products. This makes future sales of these products and others more likely. Customer loyalty is increased.

Social media is another way of personalising the customer shopping experience. Create a Facebook page and Twitter account and ask customers to like your page and or follow you. Offer special offers on your social media, run competitions and giveaways. This interaction with your customers helps make their shopping on your site a more rewarding experience.

Setting up a message board, where customers can ask questions about products and services and interact with like minded customers is a popular tool used by online book companies. Customers talk about books, authors and characters and this social activity makes them more inclined to keep buying the company’s books.

Isn’t it time you tapped into the revenue potential of personalisation for your ecommerce site?

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