The benefits of try-before-you-buy fulfilment

Today ecommerce businesses face tough competition so if they want to stand out to customers and win their loyalty, they have to focus on creating the best possible online shopping experience. This not only involves ensuring their websites are user-friendly but also that they provide effective order fulfilment and delivery services.

Whilst some brands offer free delivery and returns as a way of enticing customers, others are also introducing click and collect services, so that customers can buy their products online and pick them up in-store the same day.

However a new fulfilment method that is starting to become more popular in the world of ecommerce is known as ‘try-before-you-buy fulfilment.’ It basically involves brands sending out products to customers and letting them try them out before they decide whether they want to pay for them. Although this sounds like a great idea from a customer’s point of view, it can also benefit brands too.


Brands offering try-before-you-buy order fulfilment have found that it helps them to attract new customers and improve their loyalty. It is particularly beneficial for fashion brands, as many customers will over-order clothes to try on and then return what they don’t want. By offering a free try-before-you-buy service, it will save them the associated admin costs of processing returns.

One company that has had much success offering try-before-you-buy fulfilment is US lingerie brand True&Co. They offer a try-before-you-buy bra service to help women find the right bra for their body shape. Customers then have five days to make their decision, after which they will be required to pay for the items they want to keep and return the rest for free.

The brand also adds value to this service by offering free online fitting guides and quizzes. These help them to get to know their customers’  individuals needs so they can provide them with a more personalised shopping service.

What do you think of try-before-you-buy fulfilment? Is it something your company would be willing to trial?

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