5 little things that can make a huge difference to your ecommerce business

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest overall difference. This is certainly true of selling products online. The smallest tweaks to your ecommerce website’s shopping experience can lead to a whole host of advantages for your business, such as increased average order values and improved customer loyalty. Here we will share five little things you can do to contribute towards to success of your ecommerce business.

Use our five tips below to increase sales and improve customer loyalty.

Use our five tips below to increase sales and improve customer loyalty.

1. Up-sell and cross-sell products
One of the best ways to increase your customers’ average order values is to use up-selling and cross-selling features on your ecommerce website. Up-selling is where you suggest an upgraded (and slightly more expensive) version of the product a customer has placed in their basket. Cross-selling is where you suggest other products that the customer may also be interested in buying. For example, say they had bought a digital tablet from your ecommerce store; you could suggest they also buy a case for their digital tablet and a plug-in keyboard. Doing this will increase the amount customers are spending and enable you to make money.

2. Add live chat to your ecommerce store
Adding a live chat feature to your ecommerce store can significantly improve your conversion rates. Providing customers with the option to get instant answers to their queries from one of your customer service reps is sure to give them confidence in your business and persuade them to buy your products. Having a live chat feature will allow you to address any concerns customers may have and also help them to locate the ideal products to suit their needs, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

3. Add a phone number
Can you believe that doing something as simple as adding a phone number to your website can help to increase sales? Providing customers with a way they can speak to you will help to build their confidence in your ecommerce business. New brands often struggle to compete online as no one really knows much about them. Doing something as easy as adding your phone number to your ecommerce website will give your website more credibility and show potential customers you are legitimate.

4. Proofread your website content
One of the easiest ways to put customers off buying your products and services is through poor website content. If your website content features bad grammar and poor spellings, it is going to make you look unprofessional and may deter potential customers from giving you their business. If spelling is not your strong suit or you think your copy isn’t up too scratch, hire a professional copywriter to give you a helping hand!

5. Offer free shipping
If there is one thing that always puts a smile on customers’ faces it’s free shipping! If you are looking for a way to win over customers and make them choose you over your competitors, offering free shipping is sure to help.

Do you have any other suggestions for ecommerce retailers? What matters the most to you when shopping online?

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