4 ways ecommerce brands are using selfies

Today everyone is taking selfies from teenagers in their rooms at home, to celebrities on the red carpet and even world leaders (we’re looking at you Obama) but did you know that these pictures are actually great sources of customer data for ecommerce businesses?

Yes ecommerce brands are using selfies (photographs people take of themselves) to get to know their customers so they improve their online shopping experience. Here we’ll explain four different ways ecommerce brands can use selfies to better their businesses.

Everyone's taking selfies these days...even cats.

Everyone’s taking selfies these days…even cats.

1. Gathering customer data

Today many ecommerce brands are using selfies on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram to obtain data about their customers. Using visual analytics tools, they are able to scan selfies to gain access to information such as where the photo has been taken and what device it has been snapped on. This information assists brands with their market research and allows them to send better-targeted ads to their customers.

To make it easier for you to track selfies your customers have taken with your merchandise, encourage them to use a specific hash tag on sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

2. Improving customer engagement

Many ecommerce brands also use selfies as a way to improve customer engagement. For example, we have seen fashion brands asking their followers to send in their ‘outfit of the day’ selfies and have one of their stylists provide personalised advice and product recommendations based on the customer’s individual style shown in his / her selfie.

3. Allowing customers to try before they buy

Another way ecommerce brands are using selfies is to offer their customers a ‘try before you buy’ style service. Customers send in pictures of themselves to the ecommerce brand so they can superimpose their products onto them and see what they would look like.

4. Increasing conversions

User-generated content like selfies featuring your products can also go a long way in helping you to increase your conversion rates. Customers love to see products in action, as it gives them more confidence in shopping online. This is particularly true of clothing and accessories, where many customers prefer to see them being worn on your average man or woman, rather than a ‘photoshopped’ model.

Who’d have thought selfies could be so important? If you are looking for a way to improve your ecommerce website and increase conversions, using your customers’ selfies could be the way forward!

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