3 things ecommerce businesses should be doing in 2015

A new year always brings new trends and changes in the world of ecommerce and with 2015 fast approaching we thought we’d share three things ecommerce businesses should be aiming to achieve next year.

1. Better mobile experience

Every year analysts predict that mobile commerce will take over the ecommerce industry and each year their predictions fall short. However with predictions that m-commerce sales will reach $120 billion globally in 2015 and forecasts from Google predicting that 50% of UK retail-related queries will be from a smartphone this Christmas, it’s looking like 2015 really will be the year for mobile.

With this in mind, ecommerce brands need to work harder on providing a better mobile shopping experience. Not only do they need to ensure their ecommerce website is mobile friendly but that they also incorporate mobile technology into their marketing campaigns for example using QR codes and augmented reality technology in direct mail advertising.

2. Improve customer engagement on social media

By now you should already be using social media to promote your business and engage with your target audience but in 2015 you need to step it up. It is predicted that next year, social media will have an even bigger impact on ecommerce sales. However rather than using the platforms to simply push your products at customers, you need to be a little more savvy. People buy from people, so you need to focus on engaging with your target audience and building up a relationship with them in order to generate sales.

In 2015 social media marketing campaigns need to be geared towards creating an organic buzz around your products, by encouraging users to naturally talk about your brand and share their purchases. Something else you should be encouraging is customer reviews on social media. 62% of people are more likely to buy from a company after seeing a positive review from another user, so you need to build up good reviews in order to increase your conversion rates from social media in 2015.

3. Speed up ecommerce deliveries

No matter how great your products are or how fast your ecommerce website is, customers will still be unsatisfied with your service if you can’t provide them with speedy deliveries.

In 2015 customers won’t just be hoping for quick delivery, they’ll be expecting it. Whilst not every ecommerce retailer will have the resources to provide a same day delivery service like that of Amazon Prime,  there is the opportunity for m any businesses to offer click and collect services to speed up customers access to their purchases.

Of course when it comes to ecommerce deliveries, it’s not just a case of using speedy courier services but also improving your order fulfilment process. If your orders can’t be fulfilled any more efficiently, then there’s no chance of them getting out to customers any quicker. If you are looking to improve your ecommerce order fulfilment in 2015 and are open to outsourcing, get in touch with DK Fulfilment today.

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