2015 – What’s going to be hot in ecommerce?

Business forecasters predict that the mobile ecommerce market will grow significantly in 2015. The increasingly competitive ecommerce market will intensify now more customers are shopping on their mobile devices. A responsive website is an essential requirement; easy to download, attractively presented products with concise descriptions will ensure your business maintains its competitive edge.


Here are a few ‘hot’ ecommerce trends for 2015:

Quality Product Images
Customers want to see products from all angles. Images that pivot or spin enhance the shopping experience and increase the chances of an on line purchase. The use of interactive images with click through buttons, allow the consumer to see how the product works. Short videos on how products work are popular with e-consumers.

Secure Payments
Payment providers act as clearing house between the e-tailer and the customer making the on line payment process safer. Using one of these payment providers is essential for customer confidence.

Focus on the individual consumer when designing your website.

Faster Shipping
Part of the mobile ecommerce experience is that you can order your products anywhere and have them delivered quickly. The larger e-tailers offer same day or next day delivery and this should be the goal of all e-tailers. Order fulfilment companies like DK Fulfilment make this process a reality for all e-tailers, whatever their size, by providing bespoke order fulfilment services.

Greater access to global markets
Secure payments and the availability of order fulfilment services like DK Fulfilment; make tapping into the international market possible for even the smallest e-tailer. Geographical borders and financial barriers are no longer limiting factors if the e-tailer uses internationally recognised payment providers and order fulfilment services with international resources.

B2B ecommerce
The expansion of B2B ecommerce to the manufacture – wholesale- distribution markets will make it easier for e-tailers to meet their individual consumer needs in a timely manner.

The key trends to take away; make your ecommerce mobile device friendly and your delivery services as responsive as the on line ordering process.

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